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Transcribed from the microfilmed pages of the originals by Richard R. Dietz, 1995.

The Origin of the McLendon/McClendons in America - The Myth & The Reality

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The entire text of this 450 page book with thousands of McLendons/McClendons referenced is available for unlimited viewing online via the Internet. 

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    Leonardo Andrea was a renown genealogist and family historian who resided in Columbia, SC. Over the period of some thirty-odd years of research he amassed a large collection of information about the surname McLendon/ McClendon, mostly from courthouse records in the Southeastern United States.

    In addition, he corresponded with Mr. Samuel E. McClendon of Thomasville, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. McClendon was an employee of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and his job took him all over the Southern United States. He spent his off-hours on the road digging through the archived records of the various Courthouses in the towns in which he was staying and copied all of the references to the names McLendon and McClendon that he could find. 

    He copied marriages, deeds, Wills, estate sales, settlements, probate records, anything and everything that mentioned the names. 

    Mr. McClendon sent all of his collection of McLendon/McClendon information to Leonardo Andrea, who combined it with his own to form the largest collection of data on the name. The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) microfilmed the entire collection of McLendon/McClendon data to preserve it, but without knowledge of how to obtain the film and without the proper machinery to view the film, it remained largely unused by hobbyist/researchers.

    Now every page of information collected by Leonardo Andrea and Samuel E. McClendon has been transcribed from the microfilm and published in a printed book; easily obtainable and readable by all persons wishing to know more about their McLendon/McClendon ancestors.

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