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Dear Davis researcher,

    Thank you for your interest in our newsletter, Diggin' for Davises.

    Now in its 26th successful year, this widely acclaimed and award winning publication continues to bring to the professional genealogist and the hobbyist alike, the most varied and useful information about the Davis surname wherever and whenever it is found in the United States and Canada.

    We specialize in printing previously unpublished, all new information about Davises that has been compiled and contributed by present-day descendants and researchers.  

    In addition to free publication of your family histories, genealogies, pedigrees, and queries of unlimited size, your subscription entitles you to the many other free features offered by no other publication of a like nature.

    Other free features of your subscription include:    

    Free download of dozens of forms useful in recording your family history.

   Your stories and queries about all individuals with the Davis surname in America or Canada, with emphasis on the 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s, will be accepted and printed. The newsletter is published every other month beginning in February, with not less than six issues per year, and more issues possible.

    Subscription is FREE for 6 professionally prepared, twelve-page issues per year downloaded from the newsletter Web page.

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    Thank you again, and Good Luck with your genealogy research.

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