Members of the 46th Mississippi Infantry Regiment who were captured at Fort Blakely, Alabama, April, 1865

In transcribing the cards, there is a conflict as to when the men of the unit were captured at Fort Blakely. One card would indicate April 1 and another would state April 2, 1865. Most were transferred to Ship Island Prison and then on to Vicksburg. All were privates unless otherwise noted. (Compiled and contributed by Sam Wilkes.)

Name * Date Captured

Company A

James Douglas * April 1-2

Thomas Dunn *April 1-2

J. M. Rawson *April 1-2  (Also spelled "Rassen")

John A. Shaw *April 2

William Stinner *April 1/2

Peter Taylor *April 1

William Trigg *April 1

Company B

J. C. Dykes *April 9

F. M. Howell *April 9 (Also listed as: F. M. Hamer, Co. A.; F. M. Hamil, Co. A.; F. M. Hamill, no co.; &  F. M. Hanell, no co.

C. G. Hall *April 9 (Also found as "D. G. Hall")

J. W. Keys *April 1 (Also listed in Co. H.)

J.  D. Philan, (no co.) *April 9

E. Sullivan *April 9

T. J. H. Sullivan *April 9

Company C

John W. Hooter *April 2, confined

B. O. Sanford (Also listed in Co. E)

G. P. Sanford (Also listed in Co. E)

W. W. Williams *April 1

Company D

J. M. Conner *April 2

E. J. Grantham *April 2

E. F. Haynes (Also spelled "Hanes") * April 9 (Also listed in Co. C)

S. H. Mangum *April 1-2

A. J. McLeon *April 9

Company E

H. H. Wildy, Co. E., First Lt. (Ensign) 

G. H. Brumfield *April 9

W. H. Causey *April 9

E. Dupriest *April 9

W. Ellen *April 9

J. B. Hart *April 9

R. H. Hendrick *April 9

H. T. Irvin *April 1-2

B. Shoemaker * April 1-2

W. Ellen Coe *April 9  (Also filed in Co. B)

Company F

C. S. Allen * April 1

P. A. Davidson * April 9

R. E. Davidson, Sergeant * April 1

T. L. Davidson *April 1-2

W. A. Henderson, Corporal * April 1-2

J. T. Hunter *April 9

O. F. Hunter *April 1-2

F. E. Moore *April 1-2

W. F. Reed *April 1 

A. Taylor *April 2

Company G

J. J. Barnes, *April 1-2

David Heslep, Captain * April 1

A. M. Anderson *April 1

William Anderson *April 1-2

Calvin Barber *April 1

D. (David) Black *April 1

B. B. Bowling *April 9 (Oath signed B. B. Boling)

F. M. Boykin *April 1-2

T. M. Boykin *April 1-2

W. Boykin *April 1-2

J. S. Brockenton *April 1-2

J. J. Burns, Sergeant *April 1-2

David Chambers *April 1-2

R. G. Chisholm *April 1, 9

W. J. Daughdrill *April 9

John Davis *April 1

F. M. Derrick *April 1-2

J. H. Drummond *April 2

J. (Joseph) Drummond *April 1

F. Floyd *April 2

E. A. Haygood *April 1 (Also listed as E. A. Hagwood)

M. Haygood *April 1-2

W. Henderson *April 9

S. M. Lancaster *April 1-2

S. Magee *April 1-2

R. A. Magee *April 9

E. McWhorter * (Dated April 13, 1865, wounded POW transferred to New Orleans from Fort Blakely. Wounded on April 9 by a cannon ball.) 

W. Morris *April 1

W. W. Parker *April 1-2

A. J. Roberts *April 1, 9

J. H. Sims *April 1

J. E. Singleton *April 9

M. Stewart * (Wounded April 9, transferred to a New Orleans hospital)

M. P. Steward *April 9

J. H. Sumner *April 2

J. W. Vincent *April 9

T. B. Walden

W. W. Waldron *

D. Warren *

W. Warren April 18

J. M. Williams *

W. J. Windham *

D. M. Wood *

Company H

John Fletcher *April 9

J. W. Keys *April 1 (At Vicksburg he was listed with Co. B)

W. T. Lee *April 2

William Stiner *April 2

W. H. Storey *April 13

J. W. Tilson ?

Company I

J. M. Cockrell *April 9

Barry Creel *April 1

Company K

Capt. D. C. Durham April 1, 9

John Alday *April 1-2

C. N McArthur, Corporal *April 9

R. T. Vandevender * No date stated

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